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Karikoka 仮硬化LEDライト(KA-1)





仕様、電圧 : AC100〜240V 50/60Hz
消費電力 : 0.4w
出力 : 5.0V 0.08A
波長 : 405nm(ナノメートル)±5nm
フットスイッチケーブルの長さ : 146cm

単品サイズ W85*H150*D78
Placeable hands-free and temporarily cured.
This is a temporary curing LED light that is convenient when you want to temporarily fix parts such as temporary fixing of parts, gel flow stop, length extension with nail tip, length extension with acrylic gel.
Foot type switch makes it easy to cure even if both hands are blocked!

●Hands-free foot type switch
●Can be used with mobile battery
●Flexible arm that bends at your fingertips br> ●Stand type that can be used in a small space
●Available with 3 power sources: AA battery, USB connection power source (mobile battery etc.), AC power adapter

●Please do not use gel other than LED light only.
● Please do not look at LED light directly.
● Depending on the type and thickness of gel, it may feel hot during curing. In that case, please do not irradiate continuously, please irradiate over time.
-Because the gel may harden, do not put a brush with a gel or a gel with a lid within the reach of the LED light.
-Batteries and mobile batteries are not included with this product.
-The irradiation time for temporary curing varies depending on the parts, art, gel specifications, etc. br> ● If you want to make the main unit more stable, please fix it with a suction cup or double-sided tape that matches your table environment.
● Do not use in water. When cleaning the product, wipe it with a soft cloth and water or a neutral detergent diluted with water.
-Please keep out of reach of small children.

*Because it is a product compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz, there may be some differences depending on the area of ​​use. Please understand in advance. When using it overseas, please prepare an overseas outlet plug suitable for that country.

Specifications, voltage: AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 0.4w
Output: 5.0V 0.08A
Wavelength: 405nm (nanometer) ±5nm
Foot switch cable length: 146cm

Single item size W85*H150*D78
Single item weight 320g
24 pieces in carton, 6 pieces in inner box
> 1 year warranty