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SIMPLY ピグメントリキッド Pスパニッシュピンク(QPL-12)画像

SIMPLY ピグメントリキッド Pスパニッシュピンク(QPL-12)



Pigment Liquid is a liquid ink that allows you to enjoy art like watercolors.
All 12 colors that can be softly blurred or have a blurring effect like a bleed-in.

[How to use ]
-Draw art with pigment liquid on topcoat or matte topcoat without uncured gel. After drawing, coat with a top coat to finish (If you want to finish with a mat, coat with a top coat and then finish with a mat top coat).
-When placing the liquid directly on the nail with the brush attached to the cap, squeeze well and put a small amount on it. Since it is a dark ink, the blackness becomes stronger when a large amount of ink is applied.
-When using a brush, hang a small amount of liquid on a pallet, etc., and use it while dissolving with a brush that contains the solution.
-The solution can be ethanol, AS solution, or acetone. There are differences in how thinning and bleeding occur depending on the solution, so please enjoy the art including that.